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About - LatitudeSix Coffee

Coffee grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea is considered some of the best around.

Latitude Six is coffee for communities. We recognise that whether  having a cup with friends, meeting people at a local cafĂ© or chatting in the break room at work, a cup of coffee goes a long way to creating  that sense of belonging together.

This range of coffee uses 100% high altitude Arabica beans.  Hand-picked and sun dried, the beans have been certified organic by  NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture of Australia) as  being cultivated free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or  weedicide.

Arabica beans are known for their rich flavour, being less bitter and containing less caffeine than other commercially cultivated varieties.  They are produced in the shade of natural trees, slowing the ripening  process and increasing the quality of the bean. These more natural  environments also provide a habitat for local bird and insect life,  creating ecosystems which benefit the natural health of the coffee  bushes without relying on pesticides or herbicides. It is a great  sustainable and cost effective way to produce fantastic quality beans.

Beans are sourced from villages and smallholding farmers who live and work on their own land. This keeps people employed within their  families and tribal groups, supporting communities, encouraging  stability and preserving traditional values.

Sustainable and cost effective production, fairly traded coffee offers a win-win situation  for the farmers, the suppliers and the consumers.


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