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Womens Tee - Tea Cup




Manufactured under fair trade conditions. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. Cotton dyed using an eco-friendly process.  Contoured cut for women, tapers out at hips. Scooped Neckline.  Capped sleeves

Freeset Tees are made from 100% organic cotton. They don't just look great,  they are also free of nasty toxins and pesticides. Organic cotton - it's better for the Earth, better for the farmers growing it and better for  you!

Fair trade manufactured.  Freeset tees are manufactured in fair trade  conditions. All workers are paid fair wages and have healthy working  conditions. And the most important thing of all - each Tee is sewn by  the talented Freeset seamstresses and represents another step on their  journey to freedom. Wear Freeset Tees with pride, knowing you've done a  little to help the earth, supported small-scale farmers, and empowered  women to leave the sex trade—all in a T-shirt

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