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Bringing change to the Nepali community of Sonagacchi

Jaya* has witnessed many transformations within the Sonagacchi area. Most recently, she is excited by the changes she is seeing within Sonagacchi’s Nepali community. These changes have happened thanks to a Freeset Social Worker, Aisha*, who gathered together 7/8 Nepali girls and began to teach them a basic education of English, mathematics, Hindi etc. She also teaches drawing, crafting, singing and dancing. 

It was not easy for Aisha to start this process however. As Aisha knew the Nepali language, the “Madam’s” of the brothels would not allow Aisha to talk with their girls out of fear she would take the girls away, therefore hampering their “business”.

It took more than a year for Aisha to make a good rapport with the Nepali girls and their madam’s. To help build a relationship Aisha would take meals, and sometimes would take them out for lunch. Gradually, Aisha started her classes of basic education. 

Jaya is very excited to see the changes amongst the Nepali girls. Although most of them are poor and bound with loans, they still have dreams to be set free and to start a new life running a small business- maybe a beauty parlor or vegetable shop. When they attend the classes, the girls get a place where they may share their dreams, plan for the future and vent their emotions.

Some of the women are receiving treatment in Sonagacchi for various diseases, this stops them from being able to return to Nepal. Their hope is that after treatment they will be able to return to their home.

Although Jaya does not understand their language, she feels their enthusiasm to read and write, and to be set free from this environment. They attend their class regularly and have a great interest to join Freeset.

Jaya gives thanks to God for Aisha, for her life and what she is doing in Sonagacchi.

*Names changed


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