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Marketplacers International is a multinational company using ethically based business principles to transform every marketplace in which it is involved. We are about  business and people, making a difference through how and why we do  business.

Marketplacers seeks to provide a truly holistic business practice that operates  through sound business ethics & practices. Each of our business  operations has genuine concern for the stakeholders. To us that includes employees, suppliers, customers, local communities, directors, and  investors. Our ultimate aim in business is not the bottom line, but  providing social, environmental, economic and spiritual uplift to  marginalised people in developing countries.

This emphasis is deliberate and is carefully worked  through each of the diverse areas of business we are involved in. Our  commitment to such a balanced and responsible business model encompasses four key areas:

While being internally sustainable, we want to contribute to the community  beyond our doors, making a positive difference through our presence. We  do that by being socially aware and proactively engage in social issues, particularly toward marginalised people in developing countries.

As an organisation we want to be fiscally responsible by ensuring we run  long term financially sustainable businesses. This means ensuring we  steward our financial resources both for now and for the long term  without seeking personal gain.

We want to be recognised as good and responsible stewards of our  environment. This means we must behave in a way that ensures our planet  will benefit from our involvement and that we do not become part of the  problem.

We recognise that every individual we interact with has a full and  extensive life independent of Marketplacers. We want to intentionally  encourage people that spiritual exploration is healthy and an important  part of the journey of life.

Marketplacers International is a 100% New Zealand owned business with interests in New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, and China. These operations include:

  • 3 Manufacturing units
  • 1 Kindergarten
  • 1 English language school

The goal of Marketplacers New Zealand is to become a premier distributor of high quality, highly sought after,  fairly produced and traded products in partnership with marginalised  people in developing countries.



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