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Links Between Pornography And Trafficking

Thanks to NZ running star Nick Willis for shedding light recently onto the connection between porn and exploitation of women! As I’ve read the Herald and Stuff articles the past few days, however, the real eye opener for me were the comments on FB following the articles’ posts. They show that there is a LOT of education needed about exploitation and links to trafficking in the pornography industry. Comment after comment like this, “Yes these poor exploited porn stars being paid thousands of dollars to partake in their ultimate sexual fantasies..”

If this is what people actually think then we need education NOW!

In a world where unlimited pornography is just a fingertip away the following article is one of MANY pointing out the direct ties between pornography and trafficking. Not to mention stories of exploitation of the ‘stars’ in the industry and clear statistical links between women who do in fact ‘choose’ the industry and past abuse. Spend much time watching porn online and you will watch something where the line of ‘consent’ was blurred at best if given at all—and then YOU become part of the cycle of abuse.

Most people will say they are against trafficking, yet this topic may hit a bit too close to home. But positive change is not about being comfortable.

Here’s the link to an article with more information:
Huffington Post Article


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