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Freedom Of Choice

I hate the word ‘choice’ when it comes to prostitution. It’s something that I don’t feel like applies even here in NZ since there are clear connections between past and present abuse being frequent factors in a women ‘choosing’ the sex trade. But in red light districts around the world what looks like ‘choice’ is more clearly not.

Is it ‘choice’ when a woman was initially sold or trafficked into the trade but is now a tiny bit older so is not technically physically held against her will? Is it ‘choice’ when she was lured in through intense poverty, false promises, or betrayal by someone she trusted? Her economic situation, the stigma of shame that her culture now places upon her, her lack of opportunity, lack of education, her past abuse, the damage to her psyche and self-worth, addictions that have come with the territory: these are bonds just as secure as threats of violence or a locked door to a women who has lost her hope.

Some of the places that Holding Hope Collection orders from offer opportunity to women who have been clearly trafficked, some to women who appear to be there by ‘choice,’ some whose circumstances place them at high risk of ending up in the trade.

Every piece makes a difference, provides opportunity and hope. Every single one.

Wear the beauty hold the hope!


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