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Freedom Businesses

Every group of people have their own special words, lingo, and abbreviations. A relatively new one in the world of Fair trade is Freedom Business. If you Google “Freedom Business definition” you won’t find a neat answer. There are sites about the World Bank Index measuring Business Freedom and various sites where Freedom and Business are used in the same sentence.

For Marketplacers the term “Freedom Business” is a great way to describe our group of Businesses. These businesses set people free from human trafficking, mainly women from sex slavery but men are also employed in some of our businesses. Sadly there is still a need to set humans free because other humans want to have lots of material goods but not pay much for them. When the cost of our products is compared to the cost of similar products it becomes obvious just how much slavery still exists.

Visionaries who can see the big picture have founded the

Freedom Business Alliance
“Sustaining Freedom Through Enterprise”

This is an alliance of Freedom Business who seek to scale up the number of Freedom Business in the world. Freedom Businesses need customers.

Ultimately it would be great to have no human slavery but in the meantime let’s join together and change the current world picture.


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