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How Marketplacers product can help you cut your plastic footprint

Reducing our plastic footprint can be a great reason for a shopping spree! You can do this with Marketplacers knowing that you are not going to have any buyer’s remorse, buy junk or waste any money. In fact you can enjoy a nice fuzzy warm feeling inside knowing you have made a fair purchase.

Here are some of our great options – they can all be found on www.marketplacers.co.nz

Shopping bags

We just about have one for every letter in first half of the alphabet!

AmityBountyEverydayFarmhouseFreedomHorizon and Tote

Produce bags

Light as a feather Produce bags that hardly register on the scales, just pay for your produce. Also
handy for storing other light things (eg silk scarves), washing your delicate’s in or wiping your brow – because you will always have these in your handbag now and might be out of tissues!

Goody bags

Beautiful Magenta and Turquoise Goody bags that no one will want to throw away – talk to us about discounts for bulk orders. (admin@marketplacers.co.nz

Pencil cases

Sometimes used as clutch bags these cotton canvas bags are durable and perfect for pencil cases. Take your pick of Navy or Black

Alternatively if you think that these are too big or you prefer jute then Handy Bags  Large or Medium come in cotton or jute.

Nappy bags

Forever bags last forever, fortunately your child is not in nappies that long!


Are you dressed in plastic? Chances are yes! Synthetic fabrics are made from plastics and with every wash your clothes release micro-plastics, which end up in our oceans, fish and our meals. Freeset t shirts, scaves and aprons  do not have plastic in them.

Home Decor

Plastic is everywhere without us really knowing it including table cloths and bedding we snuggle up in. Buy Marketplacers recycled sari cotton and silk home decor products and reduce your plastic footprint. 


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