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The Clothes Industry 7 Years On

In April 2013, thousands of people were trapped inside the Rana Plaza building, Bangladesh when it collapsed in the worst industrial disaster in the 21st century. Many were rescued by ordinary local people who risked their own lives crawling into the rubble to save them.. This tiny country has become the second largest producer of clothes in the world after China, transforming the country and providing employment for millions of people, most of them young women. Producing goods for several British and European high street stores, the tragedy at the Rana Plaza sent shock waves around the world about the safety of the Bangladesh garment industry. In the aftermath one local factory owner said 'At the end of the day if the retailers want more compliant factories they have to pay us more’. Seven years on it is hard to measure exactly how much change has happened, however in the Covid 19 world now – those women and men paid Fair trade wages lead families with more resilience.

Marketplacers has always paid more when purchasing products and we know that the workers receive fair wages and work in safe buildings. Freeset Tshirt range may not be high end but it is so many other things:

  • Soft organic cotton
  • Made by people who are paid a fair wage and supported with wrap around social  services
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Screen printed with words that often act as good conversation starters


You asked for it, we are offering online plain Freeset tshirts in 3 colours (red,navy,black), 2 adult styles (Unisex & Womens) and kids 

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