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Making Of The Produce Bags

In this video Love Calcutta Arts shows us the process of making of our popular Produce Bags.Purchase Your Produce Bags Here....

September 17, 2018

Get To Know Love Calcutta Arts

Here is a video from LCA in which we learn more about who they are and what they do. You can view the full range of LCA products here....

September 10, 2018

New Shipment Arrived

Our popular Produce Bags have been produced by Love Calcutta Arts – one of our partner businesses working in a poor area of Calcutta. These beautiful women have found freedom and dignity by coming out of the sex trade to join a business who cares. They learn not only a skill that gives them an opportunity to earn their living, but they join a family who support and acknowledge them as artisans, free to make their own choices. In order to help the business grow Love Calcutta Arts are now produc...

August 28, 2018

The Story of the Cha Cup

The story of how something used and discarded can be transformed into something of great beauty and worth. Watch the video below. Freeset has also published a story about the Cha Cup on their website which is well worth reading as well.  Read the story here. ...

July 16, 2018

We have A New Website!

Welcome to our new Marketplacers website! Feel free to have a look around! We’re very excited about our new site and have made some changes and upgrades to improve your shopping experience. Keep an eye on the main page for our latest news and discounts. Please re-register on our new platform and stay up to date with our latest offers and updates from the Freedom Businesses we support. Our products are ethically-sourced and hand-made by local women in West Bengal who were once trapped in slaver...

July 3, 2018

Freeset gets ‘A+’ in the 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide

Through our Freedom Businesses project, Marketplacers, in conjunction with Banzaid supports the expansion of our Freeset programme in West Bengal. Freeset bags, tee shirts, scarves and other products sold in New Zealand provide employment for women in West Bengal. The 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide has ranked Freeset at # 4 out of 114 New Zealand and Australian companies surveyed. This is a recognition of the high standards that are in place for Freeset staff. The Ethical Fashion Guide ra...

June 25, 2018

About - The Loyal Workshop

The Loyal Workshop was founded to provide an opportunity for freedom. Modern day slavery is a phenomenon that we are not prepared to be apathetic about. We believe that another world is possible; a world where sex slavery is relegated to the history books. It’s a brazen dream but we’re putting it into action in one city, in one red-light community, with one woman at a time. We believe that business can be a tool to bring freedom to those trapped in slavery. Our business IS about freedom. Eve...

June 19, 2018

About - Love Calcutta Arts

In the heart of what used to be called the City of Joy is a place of  despair. It is a community characterised by poverty and pain, where most have few choices and little hope of change. It houses one of the  largest red light districts in the country, where thousands of women are forced into prostitution by poverty and slavery. Some are victims of  trafficking, some are victims of circumstance, but all are there because the choice of something better has been taken from them. Man...

June 19, 2018

About - LatitudeSix Coffee

Coffee grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea is considered some of the best around. Latitude Six is coffee for communities. We recognise that whether  having a cup with friends, meeting people at a local café or chatting in the break room at work, a cup of coffee goes a long way to creating  that sense of belonging together. This range of coffee uses 100% high altitude Arabica beans.  Hand-picked and sun dried, the beans have been certified organic by  NASAA (National A...

June 19, 2018

About - Basha

Basha’s vision is to continue to grow as  long as there are women in Bangladesh in need of dignified work. Basha  dreams of a day when women are not at risk of exploitation and don't  live in fear. Basha exists to provide secure employment for women at risk and  survivors of trafficking. Each woman’s story varies, but for each her  circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her  exploitation. We work with employees’ children too, ensuring t...

June 19, 2018

Custom Bags

We offer a menu of standard bag options to meet a wide variety of needs.  From conferences to fundraisers to corporate gifts there's something for everyone. Get started by choosing one of Freeset standard bags, select your colour  scheme, add or subtract features as desired and send us the artwork you  want printed on the bags. It is as simple as that! To see the full range of bags, colours and materials, download the Freeset custom bag catalogue. When you are ready to order, down...

June 18, 2018

About - Freeset

In 1999 a family from New Zealand moved to Kolkata to work and live  amongst the poor, moving into an apartment in the heart of one of the largest red light areas in the city. They joined several other Kiwis working there, looking for an opportunity to help their new neighbours - thousands of women forced into prostitution by trafficking and poverty. To make a difference that would bring real freedom for these women,  they began to understand there needed to be a business alternative.&...

June 18, 2018

I Made This!

A short video showcasing the hand crafted manufacturing process of the Loyal Workshops Leather products....

June 18, 2018

Human Trafficking and Debt

Below is an article that we came across on the website www.flamecambodia.org. We encourage you to read it, and ponder what it means for us back here in NZ. How should we react to situations such as this? “One of our young leaders, a recent high school graduate has started University. She is bright, hardworking and has now begun volunteering at one of the Flame centres teaching English to the young slum-living kids. She is pretty and full of energy with a genuine, kind heart. SO FAR THE STORY L...

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